The IBA is a national level association of Veterinarians designed to enhance the professional knowledge of its members through relevant continuing education that will improve the well being of animals and the economic success of their owners, increase awareness and promote leadership for issues critical to the cattle industry and improve opportunities for careers in the veterinary field. We are enthusiastic to grow considerably well and make a significant impact on the profession and the industry.


     The IBA has been launched on 14th Feb 2010, at Sirsi (Uttara Kannada Dist of Karnataka). On that day we had arranged a technical seminar also in which about 450 veterinarians from different parts of the country have participated. We had also arranged another conference on "DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT OF BOVINE MASTITIS-AN UPDATE" in Madikeri of Kodagu District of Karnataka is on 08-08-2010 in which 120 vets participated.


  • To create a spirit of brotherhood amongst the ruminant or large animal practitioners and provide a forum for discussion and dissemination of scientific knowledge pertaining to ruminant or large animal practice and research.

  • To promote continuing or ongoing education through post-graduation, technical seminars, workshops etc to keep up with the latest in the field.

  • To cooperate and liaison with other professional associations in the country and overseas for the furtherance of the objectives.

  • To organize conferences, conventions seminars symposia and also to perform such other functions that shall be conducive to the attainment of objectives.

  • To promote animal welfare through the basic tenet of the veterinarian, being to lessen the pain and suffering of large and small ruminants.

  • To hold animal shows, to acquire and to impart training in animal management and such other allied techniques.

  • To promote research activities in large animals.

  • To promote pet animal health and cordial relationship with animal owners.

  • To conduct awareness programs on Zoonotic diseases and their eradication.

  • To check and take necessary steps to stop the distress sale of unproductive animals from the farming communities.

  • To facilitate in recouping Gomalas from encroached agencies, farmers, Govt., etc.

  • To take up necessary steps to conserve indigenous cattle breeds, promote Breeders' Associations & Herd books, initiate characterization processes, etc.

  • To study and conduct extensive research on animal byproducts like milk, urine, and dung.

  • To co-ordinate the programs with similar agencies in order to achieve the objectives of the Association.